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the darkness inside me is horribly threating.

the darkness inside me is horribly threating. it screams for out, it causes my scars. people say i have no pain. i do but i cant explain. this misery inside me, its like an awful curse. i may not have a horrible life but somehow I’m ready to burst. my life is good my dad sometimes ignores me, but thats not much to say for a boy in a middle class family. some are abused, some have deaths hanging over them. however i don’t, yes i can be ignored, i can be made fun of by my own family, and yes i have been bullied. but its not much to say, i cant explain that darkness inside me, or why it screams for a outburst of blind cutting. yes i slit my arms and have nothing to show for it but scars. its a useless attempt to to sooth that darkness. yet still it screams, I’m like a bomb ready to burst, a boy who to young to have this curse. people laugh at these feelings,as if a boy my age is innocent, they laugh when they are not knowing of that darkness. they laugh when the are filled with a fake light, a light stabilized by the misery of the miserable. like i said i cant explain, this may not be like a the poem that i have previously written, it may just be words to you, it may be a meaningless paragraph that a falsely troubled boy has written, it may be a writing to long for you too bare. i doubt anybody cares to read this, but i write to seize that darkness in me and not always does it come as a poetic master piece, and so i write this in hope that someone can comprehend and relate too these feeling, i write to silence that darkness.

by time

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One Response to “the darkness inside me is horribly threating.”

  • kayla says:

    you seem like a really dark guy who needs someone to talk me.. and i can talk to you. i feel the same about these things you write about.

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