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The world is a dark place….
with out you beside me,
im lost…….

The world is cold…..
the world is lonly…
the world is a dark place were i cant hide

I have no where to go
so i sit here alone…
and think about what you did to me……

the world is a dark place
and im alone being swolled up by the pain
you left me

by Kat

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2 Responses to “Dark”

  • taylo says:

    Here i am, just sitting here,
    Holding this blade to my wrist,
    So lost,so confused,
    Whats wrong with me?
    This person i am…
    I hate it!
    but im not ending it.
    I have a reason for living. my friends,my family,
    I live for the ones that i love,
    And those that love me.
    I cant give in With
    the end of this knife,
    I not willing to give up yet,
    Even when all i feel is emptiness,
    I must continue on with this deathly life.

    • fang says:

      I hold my blade to my wrist.
      curious to why I don’t just end it all
      I wonder if what I tell myself is true
      am I really worthless an idiot.
      I long for the pain I give myself every night
      I feel as I wait to die no-one will miss me
      I hold my blade to my wrist
      Carving words into me
      Ready to end it all
      Some day I will
      I Iwill be on the news
      And proud of myself for ending my pain and suffering
      Again I cut my wrist ending it
      . . . .

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